Allegro Mobile Solutions


Adopting a mobile solution from Allegro gives government organizations the ability to achieve substantial operational improvements.  Field workers are more productive and accurate as they have better information, faster processes and less administrative pressure.   Additionally, with greater visibility of field activity from management planning and administration are improved.

Mobile Ticketing and Inspections

By automating citations, government organizations reduce administrative steps in record keeping. At the same time accuracy and productivity are also increased, leading to reduced discrepancies, lower overhead and increased revenue.

Asset Management

Our solutions increase the visibility of assets, optimize their use and increase their lifespan by automating scheduled maintenance. By automating paper based systems, operators become more efficient, spend less time completing administrative tasks and ultimately have more information about their assets including service and history of use.

Municipal WiFi Networks

Implement an 802.11n network in your city and provide your municipal operations and residents a powerful community asset.   Parking attendants, fire and health inspectors and residents are just a few of the beneficiaries of this low-cost mesh network. This network will support a range of functions that include connectivity to mobile applications, affordable internet access as well as automated transmission of SMART Meter data. Implement a Mesh Wide Area Network with Allegro Mobile Solutions and take advantage of a reliable, easy to deploy and scalable network to meet present and future demands.


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