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Allegroís mobile healthcare applications can be fully integrated with virtually any back-end enterprise application or database enabling centralized control and the ability to incorporate multiple functionalities on a single handheld device.  Our applications enable you to effectively manage patients, staff, and resources, delivering high quality care and significantly reducing operational costs. 

Asset Management and Tracking

Apply barcodes or RFID tags to equipment and use to track, locate and distribute assets.  Improve quality of care by ensuring your staff has the resources they require for a high-standard of patient care.

Automated Reporting and Compliance

Enable incident reports, work orders and health and safety audits to be completed quickly and accurately.

Wound Care

Enable real-time access to patient assessments and updates for improved patient and wound care.

Medication Dispensing

Scan medication and patient IDs to verify that the right patient gets the right medication, in the right dosage at the right time.

Supplies Ordering

Order supplies through the handheld either directly to the supply department or to a patientís home.

Panic Button

With the push of a button, staff can activate back-ups and ensure a timely response to emergency situations.


We can integrate our applications into your existing dispatch system to provide increased visibility, enabling dispatchers and managers to allocate operational resources within improved time frames.

Photo and Video Capture

Capture photos or videos and send them to medical specialists for assessment, improving diagnostic and treatment time frames.

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