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Allegro gave us “absolutely high quality delivery”. We were very impressed and are looking forward to continuing our partnership.

Nick Ranieri, Vice President of Information Technology, Consumer Impact Marketing

Allegro Mobility Platform-Remote Services

Real Time Device Management

As your enterprise continues to evolve, it can become increasingly complex to track, manage and maintain the myriad of mobile devices required for day to day operations. Updating thousands of devices, ensuring best in class security and troubleshooting pose a range of challenges that can take a toll on financial budgets. AMP-RS represents a significant shift in how mobile devices are managed and maintained.  This Mobile Device Management tool enables your organization to reduce IT support costs, maximize system uptime and increase business agility.

The tool can be accessed via the web from any location, by simply logging into your account. No installation on your desktop is required. The intuitive user-friendly interface enables users to effortlessly build and deploy software packages to thousands of devices in the field at the push of a button. There is no need to bring devices back from the field.

AMP-RS is delivered in a monthly Software-as-a-Service model, hosted in our robust, 7X24 cloud infrastructure.  You get an easy to configure tool with downloadable features that support your Business Objectives with minimal time, cost and effort. Pay as you go for what you use, dramatically lowering total cost of ownership. Scale your solution with ease as your enterprise evolves.

AMP-RS enables you to:
1) Track devices and status.
2) Install packages and apply updates to thousands of devices at the push of a button.
3) Login to remote devices and fix problems as they occur.
4) Manage security and access to data.
5) Generate reports and data for management purposes.

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