Allegro Mobile Solutions

GPS Solutions

Allegro enables you to add the functionalities of location-based services to your mobile application by taking full advantage of GPS technology.  Allegro’s applications incorporate an intelligent geo-coder that employs GPS technology to assign co-ordinates to fixed assets, locations, transactions or media.  Utilizing this data, a world of applications, efficiencies and outcomes are made possible.


Capture time and location co-ordinates and associate these to an asset, event, transaction or photograph.  These data points enhance asset management applications, serving as a means to track and verify activities and provide improved visibility into the location of your enterprise assets.


Geofences provide a virtual perimeter of a geographical location, or boundary.  With an established geofence, rules and alerts can be applied according to business rules, thus enabling application outcomes as well as improved control of vehicles, routes and employees. 


Breadcrumb solutions track historical GPS co-ordinates over time.  By capturing GPS readings at set intervals or at key milestones, a web-based map is enabled to display a “breadcrumb trail” of a sequence of events such as a vehicles route for the day.   By analyzing and reporting on travel history, managers can plan for more effective routing and enhanced customer service.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Provide turn-by-turn directions for workers to customer sites, shortening travel time and increasing customer and employee satisfaction.  Workers and administrators can easily update routes, cancel or make other alterations for increased operational efficiency

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