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Many firms can provide these services, but few do so with the professional integrity demonstrated by the people at Allegro. Never satisfied with simply delivering technology, Allegro’s continual focus is on delivering software solutions that address the core business objectives associated with improving client care.

Jeff Doleweerd Director, Partnerships & Planning, CCAC Simcoe County

Mobile Applications

Leading companies in many industries have embraced mobile computing as a strategy to improve operations and employee productivity. It provides a means for mobile workers to collect and access real-time information.  Managers, clients and administrators can track timestamps for acceptance, arrival and completion of work orders, deliveries and service calls.  Mobile solutions enable commerce to take place from anywhere as the systems allow users to capture signatures, process payment, and print receipts on the spot. 

Utilizing the Allegro Mobility Platform, Allegro can rapidly develop a mobile application specific to your business needs. While each application is different, in many ways they are the same. The graphical user interface (GUI) and business logic will be specific to your application, but other components such as communications, security and device management are pre-existing and are included in the platform layer. Building applications on top of the proven platform increases reliability and cost-effectiveness.


Sample Application Functionality (Depends on device selection)

  • Data Capture: Barcode Scan (1D & 2D), RFID (UHF & HF), Signature Capture, Image Capture, Keystroke, Controls (Drop down, radio button, etc.)
  • Connectivity: WWAN (GSM –GPRS, EDGE, HSPA & CDMA – 1X, EVDO), WLAN (802.11a/b/g/n), WPAN (Bluetooth)
  • GPS (Internal or external via Bluetooth)
  • Mobile Printing (via Bluetooth or WLAN)

Highlighted Allegro Application Benefits

  • Efficient use of bandwidth. The majority of Allegro clients use less than 1MB/user/month. (Depending on functionality)
  • Out-of-Coverage Operation. Messages sent out of coverage will be received upon return with no data loss
  • Cold Boot Persistence 
  • Least-cost routing
  • IP Persistence

Allegro has had experience developing specific applications for Transportation, Field Service, Healthcare, Retail and Government organizations. For assistance with an upcoming mobility project for your business, please contact us.

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