Allegro Mobile Solutions


Home care nurses can now instantly see an accurate patient history to guide their on-site care and to order new supplies, on the spot, in response to a patient’s changing condition. Better decision making at this level lowers costs for the healthcare system, as well as improving patient outcomes.

Kevin Arbour Chief Information Officer, Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres

Web Clients

Each mobile solution requires a supporting desktop solution for use by dispatchers, managers and administrators.

This multifunctional tool provides centralized management and visibility of field activities from any location. 


  • User status (signed in, on site, on lunch, etc.)
  • GPS & GIS (embedded map can show real-time location of assets or historical “breadcrumb” trail)
  • Specific device details (Device Type, Serial Number, Operating System Version, Software Version, etc.)
  • User Administration (add/delete users, update passwords)
  • Text Messaging (sent as data)
  • Proof of Delivery/Service  (View signatures, timestamps, GPS co-ordinates)
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