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Paul's Transport


Paulís Transport is an exclusive container carrier, based in Mississauga Ontario. The company has been in business since 1989, with a fleet of over 50 trucks and 200 chassis.  Paulís drivers transport containers to and from rail yards and terminals.  Their clients are retailers, manufacturers, distributors Ė basically anyone who imports and exports.  Each year Paulís moves in excess of 50,000 TEUís.  Paulís Transport uses TMW Systems TruckMate enterprise software for dispatch, payroll, accounting and track & trace functions.

The Challenge

In the past, Paulís dispatchers and customers did not have a convenient way to access location and status of a shipment. It would take many phone calls to get a basic view of a shipmentís status.  After Paulís Transport implemented TMW Systemsí TruckMate software tracking became possible, but only from port to rail to terminal, not when under the custody of a Paulís driver.  Driversí daily route assignments and proof of service was done using paper and cell phones, and because drivers are forbidden from speaking on the phone while driving due to safety concerns, it was next to impossible for dispatch to call in for status reports.

Paulís Transport wanted to improve the service for their clients and to improve their own operations with mobile technology.  To do this they needed to find a mobile software partner who could develop a customized solution that would meet the requirements of their specific operation as well as seamlessly integrate with TruckMate, their existing back-end software suite.

The Solution

Paulís chose Allegro Mobile Solutions to develop their mobile application utilizing the Allegro Mobility Platform, and to integrate the system with TMW Systemsí TruckMate software.  Allegro assisted TMW in formalizing the APIís (Application Programming Interface) required for integrating the new system.

The solution utilizes the Motorola MC70 mobile computer, the Zebra MZ320 mobile printer and an iBlue GPS device.

In the new system pick-up and delivery assignments are sent from the server to the driverís handhelds.  When driver accepts and conducts a task, reports are automatically sent back to the server throughout the task. This allows the shipper, receiver, distribution center and management to monitor the efficiency.  Also, it provides a method to accurately calculate extra charges to their customers if drivers wait times are longer than the accepted window.

Paulís dispatchers and customers can log into a secure website to track a shipment on-demand.  In seconds, real-time GPS coordinates are retrieved from the driverís handheld and displayed on a Google Maps screen.

The solution also includes a messaging system to allow drivers and dispatch to communicate. Additionally, Paulís drivers complete their run sheets on the handheld, thereby integrating the previous paper-based payroll system.

After each transaction, the customerís signature is captured on the deviceís touch screen and confirmation receipts are printed on the spot via Bluetooth mobile printers.

The Results

By equipping drivers with mobile computers, GPS devices and printers, Paulís Transport was able overcome challenges and make improvements to their business across the board.

Increased Value to Clients

  • The real-time on-demand shipment information not only reduces administrative burden, but also allows customerís logistics managers to save money by adjusting staffing levels according to arrival estimates: In the past a shipment could have been delayed for hours, and without visibility, management would keep unnecessary dock workers on the clock waiting for a shipment to arrive.

Sales and Marketing

  • Paulís has been able to profitably win new business and keep existing clients because the increased level of service the system provides differentiates the companies offerings from its competitors.


  • Dispatchers are able to do their job much more efficiently, as all information is stored centrally and available on-demand. Any dispatcher can field a call from any customer. Calls to partners and drivers for status reports have been virtually eliminated.
  • Implementing the system has allowed the company do gear up for growth. According to Sales and Marketing Manager Parvinder Bhangal, ď(Paulís) can increase the number of power units on the road without increasing staff in the office, and that to us is very valuable .Ē
  • Improved resource allocation. Have the foresight to schedule additional or fewer drivers based on requirements.

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